"I'm proud of my long-term projects, which closely connect the world of photography with nature conservation. In the field, I´m using both the "classic" technique and the so-called DSLR camera trap which is a home-made set consisting of a SLR(or mirrorless) camera, external lights and a motion sensor - I build my photo studio in the middle of the forest, literally. 

My work has been repeatedly awarded in domestic and foreign photography competitions, including the International Photographer Of The Year, Wildlife Photo Contest, Asferico, Nature's Best Photography & Nature's Best Photography Asia, Nature TTL, FEP Awards, BigPicture: Natural World Photography Competition, OneEyeland World´s TOP10 wildlife photo contest or the Siena International Photo Awards. I was part of the jury in Czech Nature Photo 2020 contest and a year later I became the chairman of the international jury in the same photo-competition.

Some pictures of mine were part of the largest thematic exhibition of tiger photographs at the famous Royal Albert Hall in London, while the images of Indian rhinos, bears and leopards adorn the prestigious charitable book publication Remembering Rhinos, Remembering BearsRemembering Leopards and Remembering Tigers. With his pictures, he also supports other interesting projects such as New Big 5 or Prints for Wildlife..."

Vladimir Cech Jr.